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lucky-c-with-family“Words alone can not describe how we can begin to express our sincere appreciation to each of you for teaching “Lucky C” in becoming a service dog. You guys all have made us feel like family. Should you ever need to use us as a personal reference, rest assured it will be probably the most “over the top” and compassionate reference ever given, because, quite frankly, that is the way we feel.”

-Barney, Sherry & Lucky C, Jupiter, FL


elvis-and-fergie-with-family“Just wanted to thank you again for the results you have given us with Fergie and Elvis. As you remember when you first met them, their behavior was out of control. They are high energy Jack Russell Terriers. What made this more of a challenge is we have six month old twins as well. The dogs were constantly jumping on guests in the house, jumping all over the furniture and baby areas. They were constantly jumping on my wife and I while we were holding or caring for our babies. Their poor behavior caused a lot of tension in the house. They were a major disruption to our house and we did not know how to fix the problem.”

“Since they have come home from your training our house has been completely different. They no longer jump on us, the furniture, or the babies areas. The dogs understand boundaries and rules. We are able to walk around in our house without worrying what the dogs are going to do. The best part is, they still have their same happy, energetic personalities, but they
know how to behave properly even if they are excited. We feel much more relaxed in our house and we have you to thank.”

-Vander Voort Family, Miami, FL


roscoe“My three year old Pit Bull, Roscoe, has the kindest heart. Roscoe is always intent on keeping me safe. Unfortunately, he was not sure when it was the right time to be aggressive and protective so he was constantly on the defense. Roscoe would also become very excited around bikes, skates and skateboards. After spending ten days with Richard at The Dog Training Clinic, Roscoe came back to me being so well behaved. Of course it is my responsibility to keep this great dog to continue behaving so well. Richard spent about an hour training me and now Roscoe is so focused on my command when we go for walks, are in public or ride in the car. When I tell Roscoe something he listens immediately. We spend about twenty minutes per day training and Roscoe continues to be extremely well behaved while continuing to have his same sweet personality. Going to training definitely improved Roscoe’s quality of life. Thank you!”

-Kristina & Roscoe

“Richard first responded immediately by email to a general question about aggression. I hadn’t yet decided if I was going to get a trainer, but after thinking it over, phoned Richard and spoke with him further about the situation. He anticipated my questions, and provided knowledge to the situation. He agreed to work with us at our home. Upon arrival, he assessed our situation. The new dog was going after our kitten and had even bitten its tail (my fault, I was holding the cat and he couldn’t get away). We started with general obedience commands and worked alot that first hour. He visited us every other day, and by the last session, we had the dog trained to our satisfaction. The dog’s aggression is now controlled to where we can have both animals in the same room without any problems. We really thought we would have to get rid of 1 animal and am so happy that our pets are coexisting peacefully. “

-Taken from Angie’s List Grade “A” Report by Cheryl Kernus

“We want to thank you for your patience and flexibility in working with us and Cobi. We have reached all the goals we set out to obtain. As you have said, we can not change his personality, but we can change the way he behaves. He is doing so much better. He is not pulling, less afraid of children and other animals and we can at least go places with him with out being afraid of what he will do. Once again thank you for all you have done to make him a happier animal!”

-Sally & Murray Halperin