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Protect Your Loved Ones with Expertly Trained Guard Dogs:

In an era where crime rates are soaring, having a vigilant protection dog can be your family’s ultimate security. Let us provide peace of mind with our top-tier protection training services in South Florida!

Protection Training

The Dog Training Clinic offers protection training for dog owners who are looking for both a pet and a protector. Our Specialists will train you and your dog to protect you and your family thus giving you a safer feeling. Many Dog owners want only the “appearance” of a protection dog, one that will not bite but will bark on command, will alert you when strangers are near or if anything is suspicious. Our Specialists begin by teaching your dog to react to suspicious situations that might harm you or your family. They are not trained to bite, but they will convince unwanted visitors to leave. The Dog Training Clinic offers protection training for both the owner and their dog so once you and your dog have graduated, you feel safe knowing you have a dog that is trained to protect your family and property. It is very important to remember, your pet will still be your pet, only better trained and under control.

Advanced Protection

For those dog owners who want extra control of their dog, The Dog Training Clinic offers Advanced Protection Training. There is a huge responsibility for dog owners whose dogs have been trained in Advanced Personal Protection, not everyone is accepted into this training. It is usually only recommended for those owners who have a real need for such protection. Our Training Specialists test the temperament of the dog to determine it’s capabilities. It is a huge responsibility for the owner and demands much of the pet to complete this training. Not only the pet, but the owner must be consistent and dedicated to the work involved. Why not call us or email us with your questions and we can arrange an interview and evaluation to determine how we can be of help! Contact us!

Richard Bonilla,  owner of The Dog Training Clinic is a Competitor and former French Ring Level II decoy with many years in the exciting sport of French Ring. Considered to be the most demanding of the dog sports by many. Ring sport requires extreme endurance of the dogs with incredible jumping ability and complete control in protection work. He is also one of a select few American French Ring Judges in the US qualified by NARA, the US governing body.   Richard’s expertise has put him on the podium many times with multiple dogs, including his client’s dogs. He also has many years of experience training dogs for family protection, personal protection sports and preparing dogs entering the field of law enforcement. His list of his accomplishments speaks for itself.