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Training Programs

Train & Play at TDTC 

Basic Obedience

Everyone wants a well behaved dog for a companion. Our Specialists begin your training with Basic Obedience; simple commands such as sit, down, stay, come and heel. We encourage positive reinforcement and praise to develop a stronger bond between you and your dog. Your dog will become a better socialized animal by attending our programs. In fact, all members of your family are encouraged to attend and participate in your dog’s training.

Advanced Obedience

Once your dog has successfully completed Basic Obedience, it is suggested you work with your dog for a month or so and then sign up for Advanced Obedience. This class takes you and your dog to another level, a level where you can be completely confident walking your dog in a park without a leash. Our Specialists take you beyond the voice commands for sit, down, stay, heel and come by showing you hand signals for those commands. By using this method, distractions are minimized as your dog must focus on your voice and hand commands. Your dog’s behavior will change as both you and your dog become more confident of the training and positive results you will receive. The Dog Training Clinic is here to help! Contact us!

In Home Training

Many dog owners encounter problems specific to the home. Housebreaking, barking, jumping, running away, pulling on the leash and crate training are just a few of the many problems that can be addressed with in-home training. Clients interested in in-home training are encouraged to request a free consultation and demonstration in your home.

  1. Individual In-Home Training Session
  2. Amount of lessons depends on Program

Board & Train Programs

Many clients find our board and train programs to be just the jump start they need to begin accomplishing their training goals. Limited time, training frustrations and the need for more immediate results are just a few of the reasons our clients find our board and train to be an invaluable service.

  1. 5 Day Doggie Boot Camp*
  2. 10 Day Board & Train*
  3. 2 Week Board & Train*
  4. 4 Week Board & Train*

Specialized Training Services

We offer a variety of specialized training services including but not limited to:

  1. Aggression Problems
  2. Protection Training
  3. Competitive Obedience Training
  4. Dog Sport Training
  5. Service Dog Training